Gender-based Violence (SGBV)

SSSD programs and interventions aim at reducing the risks and consequences of sexual and gender-based violence, improve the quality of response, and empower the community to prevent and respond to SGBV.

SSSD intervenes through awareness campaigns on forms and causes of SGBV, as well as on prevention and reporting means, so as to

  • Support positive changes in gender relations, gender parity and non-discrimination, and contribute to ending abusive traditional practices such as early marriage, etc.;
  • Protect women and children from risks within the community, provide beneficiaries with reporting, coping and prevention mechanisms, and disseminate information on referrals and other services available to enable survivors to show up and seek the service they need.

Each campaign consists of a range of activities, each of which includes a specific theme related to GBV. Awareness campaigns and activities are carried out in CCs, CSs, schools, universities, public places, and within communities, targeting women, girls, men, boys and children.


Gender-based Violence 2017

The program’s overall objective is SGBV risk mitigation.

In the field of SGBV, SSSD provides the following interventions:

  1. Awareness campaigns introducing the forms and causes of SGBV and proposing solutions to alleviate it, including distribution of self-care kits to both women and adolescent girls so they could meet their basic needs.
  2. Case management and psychosocial support is one integrated process, which begins by monitoring the case of a person that survived or was exposed to the risk of SGBV. Having assessed the case, its needs and the risks involved, the case manager sets out the intervention plan that would best meet the beneficiary’s needs, then makes the necessary referrals, whether internal or external, according to availability. These include, but are not limited to, referrals to psychosocial, legal and health services. The case manager tracks referrals and then closes the case when the beneficiary has received the required services.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was celebrated by SSSD in all Syrian governorates on Nov 25 with a great event under the slogan We Will Exclude No One! The event included awareness-raising activities on SGBV, candle lighting and competitions, all designed and aimed at highlighting the urgency to stop violence against women.