Home-based Rehabilitation for Children with Mental Disabilities

This program targets children with mental disabilities, including those with autism, and their families. The main aim of the program is to ensure equal access to, and participation in services and activities for children with mental disabilities on a long-term basis.

The program is based on Portage and PECS concepts that enable families to take the lead in developing and implementing effective plans for the rehabilitation of their children. Children thus acquire motor, communication, and learning skills and develop socially and emotionally.

Family members are empowered and supported psychologically as well. The beneficiary children are integrated into the activities taking place in CFSs to help improving the child’s self-dependency, his capacity to express feelings and ideas. This, in turn, minimizes the risks of abuse, isolation and negligence the child could be exposed to.

The program is guided by UNHCR guidelines on Home-based Rehabilitation Program.