UNICEF Project

Geographical area: Rural Damascus (Nabek, Yabrud, Sett Zeinab), Sweida (Resas)
Number of beneficiaries: CP: 26,600 + Edu: 6,000

In line with the Protection Sector Response Strategy, which is the framework for an integrated approach to humanitarian response in Syria, this project aims at mitigating the crisis-related protection implications and improving the situation of the most vulnerable children through the following approaches:

  • Mitigating protection-related risks by identifying and analyzing protection issues, including mainstreaming
  • Increasing the access of vulnerable children, adolescents and caregivers to PSS and CP services through referrals and direct services
  • Capacity-building of CP actors
  • Promoting access to educational services

Based on UNICEF program documents for Syria 2016-2017, the project aims to deliver educational support to school-age children, as well as PSS responses to children and caregivers. This is done by ensuring access to specialized services through referrals, including CP outreach programs and risk education to mitigate CP-related risks and reduce the disastrous effects of ERW.