UNFPA Project

The objective of the partnership between SSSD and UNFPA is to create safe spaces for women and adolescent girls, at which they benefit from comprehensive services aimed at building up their resilience to overcome the Syrian Crisis through empowering and getting them involved in income generation activities. 

 The program includes the following:

  • Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Development of skills and capabilities
  • Reproductive Health
  • Entertainment activities
  • Legal support

Project Geographic Coverage:

establish safe spaces and deploy mobile teams in Homs (Talkalakh), Hama, and Aleppo (Zibdiyye). In addition to emergency response to East Ghouta in Adra and Najha.

Project Focus:

  • Carry out GBV preventive and responsive activities.
  • Provide case management services to GBV survivors.
  • Conduct vocational training and computer literacy courses to equip females with the required skills in the labor market and to foster their independence.
  • Conduct English and French language courses to boost the general knowledge of the females.
  • Carry out awareness raising activities pertaining reproductive health issues to women and adolescent girls at childbearing age.
  • Carry out awareness raising activities pertaining legal issues related to every day life.
  • Carry out entertainment activities to tackle stress females encounter as part of the Syrian Crisis.
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 emphasizing women’s status in the community and the need to involve them in all life aspects.
  • Celebrate 16 Days of Activism to End GBV against females from 25 October to 10 December, including Human Rights Day.