Community-based Initiatives (CBIs)

The Community-based Initiatives Grants Program supports solutions coming from the communities to respond to their needs.

The program is implemented through volunteers and targets initiatives of self-managed groups of affected populations that are developing solidarity and ad hoc self-support solutions to meet their own specific needs.

Grants are provided to support multi-sectorial projects, such as self-managed kindergartens, community garbage management systems, collective food conservation initiatives (dry food systems), women livelihoods, recreational activities in CSs organized by residents, etc.

The program is based on a participatory approach that enables the affected population and IDPs to become essential partners in service provision to ensure that services are properly delivered.

CBI in 2017

The Community-based Initiatives (CBIs) Program is one of the SSSD main programs. It aims to promote the Participatory Approach as well as the concept of Volunteering in humanitarian work. To that effect, it uses several tools, such as focus group discussions (FGD) that encourage the community to be autonomous and self-reliant. It could thus come out with solutions and initiatives to respond to the challenges they face by putting those solutions into practice.
During 2017, in cooperation with local communities and governmental authorities, we were able to implement over 100 CBIs in all governorates where SSSD happens to intervene. One most significant impact of these initiatives has been building and enhancing relationships among members of the targeted communities.