Group remedial courses

SSSD targets the most vulnerable children of poor performance in school subjects who are committed to the curriculum. The aim is to empower them and enhance their commitment to school lest they drop out for educational reasons. These courses are held on the basis of a MoU with MoE and in coordination with partners and take place either in schools approved by MoE or in the SSSD CCs.

The duration of the program is 3-4 months, which equal a full academic semester. The students of all grades are committed to 3-4 classes per week in basic subjects, both scientific and literary: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, languages, philosophy, history and geography. Classes are conducted by university teachers and specialized graduates, either SSSD volunteers or school teachers.

SSSD also organizes intensive courses for the benefit of candidates for Junior High and High School certificates in order to prepare them for the official final exams.