Interactive Theatre Program

Interactive Theatre is a drama form—perhaps the one that has the most powerful impact. It differs from other forms of theatre in that it does not need previous experience in acting, nor does it require authors-performers to be “professional” in script-writing and scenery-making.

Interactive Theatre addresses all social categories, and acts out the play after a preparation process based on games and exercises. This aims to create a suitable atmosphere for the participants to extract situations, before they come themselves to crystallise these into a script that presents a specific social/moral story that concerns them directly—and sometimes concerns a whole segment of community. After that, participants rehearse the outcome as a drama sketch to be performed in front of an audience.

Interactive Theatre is about raising pertinent questions and sharing them with the spectators. Hence the term “interactive.” The scene is usually dependant on the active participation of spectators, whose views and perceptions performers draw on to find out solution(s) to the issue(s) discussed in the performance.