Earthquake Response

Life offers us light at the end of the tunnel, and in light of the human condition in which we currently live, there is no “light” like children who, despite the traumatic events they have been experiencing, continue to be a source of hope, life and energy.

In natural disaster situations, adults suffer trauma. As for children, they show immediate symptoms of anxiety, fear, sadness, restless sleep, disturbing dreams, and lack of focus; some of them may even experience what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Women’s health care supplies during disasters are considered a human right that cannot be ignored. We must all contribute to helping women so that they do not incur additional suffering to obtain these supplies.

Natural disasters create reactions both physically and psychologically, with many affected persons suffering from anxiety, fear, loss of concentration, and negative emotions and memories.

In light of the great pain that befell our region, the local community were able to prove that, together, they are brothers in hope before joy, for richer before poorer.

Based on the importance of the emergency response to the earthquake disaster in the Lattakia Governorate, Syria, and given that women and children are among the most vulnerable and affected groups, the SSSD team, with the support of the UNHCR, Tartous Office, carried out at the October 6 and Rifaat Daho schools a ser

Children are particularly affected by natural disasters because of their physical and psychological vulnerability. They can be afflicted with panic, fear and tension that can last for long periods.

Although the disaster was great and its impact profound, children have the right to play and be entertained. Therefore, with the aim of boosting the children’s morale and improving their psychological condition while they are in CSs, SSSD, in cooperation with Medair, carried out a recreational activity for children aged 7-13 at Al-Khandaq CS. 67 children benefited from this activity.

Within the framework of cooperation with official agencies and NGOs participating in the response, Al-Ihsan Charity Association, through its medical team, carried out, in coordination with SSSD, medical examinations for families and children, giving the necessary medicines to each case, with the aim of securing the b

In coordination with the Council of the Church of the Village of al-Bayda, Rural Hama, and the Office of Religious Education, the Community Core Group team in Masyaf collected in-kind assistance items for the families affected by the earthquake and for the displaced to the Masyaf area.