Gold is Precious Event

"I was so happy attending this celebration. It reminded me of the old good days, at which families gathered celebrating Halabi weddings in ancient houses," an elderly man happily commented during an event organized by the Syrian Society for Social Development (SSSD).

The event was held in Khan Wazir, Old Aleppo City in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), hosting 275 older persons coming from all the centers throughout Aleppo.
A group of elderly gave a musical show, and children from the mentoring program and childhood space jointly performed a theatre scene.

Nothing is more heart-warming to SSSD team than capturing the beneficiaries' comments:
"I was happy seeing the table covers I made along with my female friends as part of Hear-My-Heart sessions."
"I want to tell you the story of a beautiful gathering with the beloved in a cozy place. I was surprised of the fancy welcome, ARADA, drums, and Arab dancing."
" Reading the statement in tears -gold is precious- on the olive leaf pin placed on my clothes by SSSD officer, made me feel proud of my age and well versed experience."
"I enjoyed my time chatting with people in the fine-dine ancient restaurant. Al-Qudud Al-Halabia, Zagharid and dancing were spectacular."
"Time passed by fast. The smell of Old Aleppo and its authenticity revived my spirit."