Hear-My-Heart: Excellence is my Aim” Series - Mosaic Community Center -Aleppo.

Hear-My-Heart team conducted the recreational series, Excellence is my Aim, to train women on sewing, wool knitting, and handicrafts drawing on the fact that women represent half of the society, play a major role in its development and in productivity, and contribute to improving the economic conditions.


The training series lasted for 3 months, during which the women exchanged experience and learned new ways to apply these skills. Upon completing the training, the team organized an exhibition to showcase the items made by the women.

DSC_0805 - marylin khachadourian

The Syrian Society for Social Development cooperated with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on conducting the recreational training series in Mosaic Community Center.


One woman enthusiastically commented, “My self-confidence grew. I believe in my capabilities and I am motivated to carry on with life by working and financially supporting my family.”

Another woman revealed “I was so surprised seeing these pieces of art. I hope I will be part of the next exhibition, as I have the required skills.”