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The conclusion of the campaign of the World Day Against Child Labor campaign – Beit Al Yasmin Center – Banias, Tartous

The Child Protection team, in coordination with the Educational Support Department at Beit Al Yasmin Center in the Syrian Society for Social Development, implemented a closing event for the campaign of the World Day Against Child Labor.


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The event was the conclusion of the one- month activities and awareness sessions for the children and families of the IDP community in Al-Daysna area and Harisoun and the children of the center in cooperation with the CP clubs.

The event included a song performed by the dropout children working in agriculture in Al-Disna area, and a dance performed by the dropout children working in agriculture in Harisoun region.

The Children's Club also presented an awareness play about the danger of labor, its causes and consequences, and the proposed solutions to mitigate this danger.

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The event also included musical pieces played by the children of the center.


The event concluded with an exhibition of drawings by the IDP children, and

attended by a number of children's parents, with the encouragement of teachers from the Educational Support Department who follow up the education of children.


World Down Syndrome Day activity - Beit Al Yasmin - Banias - Tartous

"Different in abilities equal in humanity"
That's what expressed by Children's Club team, at Bait Al Yasmin Community Center in cooperation (UNHCR), on the World Down Syndrome Day to shed a light on the skills and abilities of children with Down syndrome, who need early support, training and attention. As the activity included making roses by the Club members and accompanying them with expressions about the talents and abilities that characterize children with Down syndrome. Roses were distributed in public places after attending an awareness session that was conducted by the center's HBR officer.

Teacher's Day Activity – Beit Al-Yasmin - Banias – Tartous

"The teacher is an inspiring and vibrant person, who is able to create a student hungry for knowledge.
Happy teacher's Day."

With these words, the Children' Club team at Beit Al Yasmin Community Center, and in cooperation with UNHCR, expressed their gratitude to their school and their teachers at Al-Murooj School in Banias as part of an activity celebrating the teacher's day.

Where the club's team presented greeting cards that they had prepared in advance at the center for the school administration and teachers.


International Child Labor Day: “It is too Early for Us!” Awareness Campaign - Homs

It is a deprivation of childhood. A danger that negatively affects children physically, mentally, psychologically and socially, and exposes them to many risks. It is child labor, which spread gravely and increased its risks under the Corona pandemic.

In response to this this phenomenon, and on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor, SSSD’s team in Homs in cooperation with UNHCR launched an awareness raising campaign within Child Protection Program under the title “it is too early”, in Shin, Al-Hosn and Al-Qusayr.

The campaign targeted all age groups from both genders, and aimed to raise awareness about the risks of child labor, especially in light of the Corona pandemic. In addition to discussing its reasons, and cooperating with the beneficiaries to come up solutions to limit it in our society.

 During the campaign, the team implemented several sessions in the community centers, following all safety and precautionary measures such as periodic sterilization, wearing masks and gloves, maintaining social distancing, and limiting beneficiaries’ attendance for each session. 17 beneficiaries benefitted from these sessions.

 Other sessions were implemented through social media platforms in coordination with Health Point Program, and the legal department in SARC, benefitting about 505 beneficiaries.
Children and caregivers showed great interaction during the sessions, emphasizing its influence and the importance of providing the legal and health information related to child labor.

 To conclude the campaign, the adolescents of child protection clubs in the community centers shared the information through social media platforms, reaching over 240 beneficiaries. Moreover, they designed brochures explaining the risks of child labor and distributed them to 10 working children in their job locations, and encouraged them to follow safety procedures to protect themselves from Coronavirus.


Child Welfare Community-based Committee

A CWCBC is a 15-member volunteer body that includes notables from refugee and IDP communities, as well as teachers, social workers, ORVs, CFS facilitators, women’s groups, youth and children. CWCBCs works to identify protection-related issues affecting children, raise awareness about CP-related risks and mobilize community resources to that effect within collective shelters where SSSD happens to intervene.

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