The Oak Tree

Abu Samer, 56, is a man who is, in his very person, a summing up of the ongoing Syrian Crisis. After being displaced with his wife and four children, he ended up living in a shop where there is only one empty square meter to sleep over their belongings, with neither a bathroom nor a kitchen (all had to go to the neighbor’s to relieve themselves!).
When he was monitored by ORVs, his son’s burial paper was still in his hand in the aftermath of a bombing in Bab Touma forty days before. At this point, there was more crying than talking!
Gradually, Abu Samer opened up. He had been working as a plumber before his exodus. Thus, his name was suggested to receive a livelihood toolkit and, as such, his candidacy to meet with the competent committee was presented. And he succeed!
Abu Samer showed up to receive the toolkit. He was so overjoyed that his eyes were filled with tears. He continuously mumbled words of gratitude and prayers for success. “Thank God,” he said, “I can work again now!”
After handing over the kitbag to him, the follow-up team paid a field visit to Abu Samer during his work. The kitbag had indeed offered him the possibility to earn a decent living away from the exploitation he suffered by having repeatedly to rent it. The new kitbag has so far greatly contributed to improving his income and livelihood