There is always light despite darkness

Words worth contemplating and reflection , Qamar, a 22-year old, an IDP from Jobar, lives with her family in a rented apartment in Al-Hameh and her father goes through hardship to make little income.
She has always had passion toward the high tech world, namely, PCs and Lap Tops. Completing high school, she chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in IT, as she wanted to master everything involving PCs, especially its components and parts, how to perform maintenance, programming, and networks.
However, her family was not able to buy her the IT tools required for the practical part of the university’s curriculum. Consequently, she felt embarrassed in front of her peers and gave up her dream quitting college.
Luckily, hope knocked on her door again, when an outreach volunteer visited her to assess her financial and educational needs, encouraging her to apply to the Livelihood Toolkit Program (PC Maintenance Tools). Later, the program’s committee held a panel interview with Qamar and reached a decision to offer her the toolkit.
During our follow up visit, Qamar expressed her happiness: “The toolkit was like a shining star that lit my way, motivating and enabling me to pursue my higher education and work. Now, I am working for an IT maintenance shop in Al-Bahsa and making adequate money to support my father.”
She carried on, “I am really grateful to SSSD and UNHCR. I am thankful to everyone who had a helping hand in supporting my education journey. I am thankful to everyone who participated in finding me a good paying job, keeping me away from abuse.”